Less is more, more is enough
Life is made of moments, moments are what you make them
Stories are better when shared, and life is always better with you


Hey friends and family, we finally did it! We started that blog that everyone was telling us to do. Thank you for your encouragement and your want to share in our journeys on #thegrayadventure.

So what is to be expected in this blog… Travel Tips? Words of Wisdom? Sharing stories? 

Who knows.

We will just continue doing our best on this crazy thing called life, and hope that whenever you visit here you leave with a smile!

So join us as we continue to explore, laugh, learn, grow, dance in public places, embrace new experiences, dream in hammocks, chase sunsets, hug baby elephants, camp out of kayaks, get lost in foreign countries,  and enjoy the little moments together on

The Gray Adventure.